Submitting your design/artwork or logo
If you’d like to design your own label or use your branding/logo artwork, please contact us at so we can collaborate with you on getting us the correct format of artwork. Only black and white high-resolution graphics can be used. PDF format preferred, JPEG or GIF are also accepted. Embed all fonts, images/scans, logos, and artwork.

Custom branding/label | Order minimum and re-order
There is a one-time set-up fee of $70 to have your custom design or logo printed and a minimum opening order of 12 candles for that design/label, no fees on re-orders! And, only a 6 candle minimum quantity on re-orders of the same design. Mix in as many scents as you’d like. No additional fees if you choose to use one of our designs or the Kraft labels to print your artwork on.

Can we send in more than 1 label/design or logo?
Yes! For more than 1 label and/or design, set-up fee is reduced to $50 per new label and/or design.

Why is there a set-up fee if we’re sending you the artwork?
We don’t make the labels, only the candles! We use an outside vendor to have the transparent and die-cut labels printed. We offer this service as a convenience to our customers and pass on the savings we get from ordering multiple labels at a time to you.

What if we already have printed labels we like and use?
No problem! We can send your candle order out without any labels.

What kind of custom labels are available?
Most popular is our clear, transparent label.

Our super cool label is a die cut! Available in white or black. Size and art restrictions apply to this printing process, not all artwork will qualify to be printed in this application.

Kraft labels. Printing is in black ink only, no extra fee or set-up charges for these labels!

Need help?
Not sure which to choose? Send us your artwork, we’d love to help. If you have other questions or concerns we may not have answered here, please send inquires to