Fragrances rotate and change, especially during the holiday season.
Please check back for current list. If you’d like scent samples give us a call or email.

Apricot Chai (best seller)
Fresh sun-ripened juicy apricot blended with a touch of aromatic spices and infused with herb tea. Smells so good!

Grapefruit (best seller)
Everything is more radiant when touched by the sun, including this energetic fresh citrus scent. One of our consistent best sellers.

Orchard – exclusive Seaglow blend (best seller)
Spring blossoming flowers in the sun-soaked orchards of California. A dreamy scent of succulent apple and pear blossom nectar mixed harmoniously. All unified and perfected as one of our custom and most popular scents.

Olive Field – exclusive Seaglow blend (best seller)
Inspired by a visit to the wine country, we blended a combination of citrus, fruitiness and leafy greens with a hint of sweet. Another of our in-house exclusive blends with a one-of-a-kind wonderful aroma.

Lemongrass & Sage (best seller)
Calming, earthy, organic and clean is what we hear when someone describes this fragrance. Lemongrass balanced with a small amount of soft sage. Popular as a gift when you’re unsure what to get — both men and women tend to like this one.

French Vanilla
Delicious caramel warmth that ignites and soothes your sensations. Our French Vanilla has a heady presence of Vanilla Bean with a lighter, sweeter hint of cream over regular Vanilla.

Just Baked
This scent includes classic baking ingredients — cinnamon, clove, nuts, apple, cream and a hint of sweetness. A familiar aroma, but one you won’t quite be able to place. Especially nice on chilly evenings.

A worldwide comfort fragrance that grows abundantly right here in our own backyard! Our Lavender is a calm aromatic touch of nature that smells like you’ve just picked them fresh.

White Tea
This complex earthy fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, including bergamot, celery seed, ginger, jasmine, lemon, mandarin, nutmeg, orange, patchouli and sandalwood — both men and women tend to like this one.

Our very mellow Sandalwood will bring out your inner hippy! A blend of oakmoss, sandalwood and a small amount of patchouli followed by a light combination of musk and amber.

Fragrance free candles available in all sizes and colors.